Dehumidification / Mould Control

Powerful Dehumidifiers in Windsor

At Supreme Basement Solutions we pride ourselves on providing our customers with cutting-edge basement dehumidifier systems. Each of our warrantied systems is rated for energy efficiency and powerful enough to keep dry air circulating throughout the area. These dehumidifiers will ensure your basement is protected from excess moisture that can lead to mold growth and odors, ensuring you have a dry, clean space.

Basement Dehumidifcation System

If you've Experienced:

  • Dampness in hour home

  • Mold in your basement

  • Musty scent in your house

  • Inadequate power from your existing dehumidifer

Our dehumidifers are:

  • High performance

  • Energy efficient

  • Warrantied for 5 years after installation

  • The perfect complement to basement waterproofing

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Powerful, energy-efficient dehumidifiers prevent dampness and mold in your home

Even a basement with an effective waterproofing system can still develop moisture and mold problems. Concrete walls and floors continually absorb moisture from the soil and release it into the air in your basement. Some homeowners turn to store-bought dehumidifiers, but the hard truth is that they simply aren’t strong enough to solve the problem.

Made with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, a set it and forget it control panel, and with high-performance drainage components, our system aggressively dries out your below-grade space and provides long-lasting protection.

We create healthy and dry basements with a dehumidifier that provides high-performance efficiency, absolute user-friendly operation, and a 5-year warranty upon installation!

We can help you create a drier, healthier home!

If you’ve waterproofed your basement, a reliable, low-maintenance dehumidifier system is a final touch that makes a big difference! You’ll love how dry and clean our systems can make your basement feel! These systems work perfectly with our other basement waterproofing products or as a standalone option.

Reduce humidity and make your home more comfortable. Contact the professionals at Supreme Basement Solutions.