Sump Pumps

Sump Pump System Installation & Backup Pumps in Windsor and the surrounding areas

At Supreme Basement Solutions we install sump pump systems. They include the best cast-iron sump pumps and longest-lasting battery backup pumps in the industry.

We are your local sump pump dealer in WIndsor and the surrounding areas.


If you have:

  • Water in your basement

  • A Broken sump pump

  • An improperly installed sump pump

  • No battery backup for your sump pump

We can help with:

  • Sump pump installation

  • Backup sump pump systems

  • Sump pump repairs

  • Basement waterproofing systems

Double Safe Sump Pump System

Double Safe

Single Pump System

Crawlspace Pump

Sump Pump Battery Backup

Battery Backups

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Certified Sump Pump Installers in Windsor and the surrounding areas

In the same way that you wouldn’t hire a basement waterproofer to fix your bathtub, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to jackhammer your basement and install a drainage system. With our experts, you can count on the most experienced and knowledgeable waterproofers, who install sump pumps and basement waterproofing systems every day.

We offer free sump pump installation quotes to homeowners in Windsor and the surrounding areas.


Get a reliable, properly installed sump pump for your basement. Contact Supreme Basement Solutions.