Two professional-grade fans work to dry out a newly painted room.

Mould Damage Tips

What does mould smell like?

What does mould smell like? August 10 2022 - One way to identify the presence of mould is through scent - learn more about the smells that could alert you to a mould problem, even if you can't see it yet.

How do moulds affect people?

How do moulds affect people? August 04 2022 - Learn more about the different ways that mould can affect you, and what you can do about mould in your home.

Ten Things You Should Know about Mould

Ten Things You Should Know about Mould July 18 2022 - Learn more about mould in your home, including how it grows and how to best prevent and remove it.

Symptoms of a Mold Problem in Your Home

Symptoms of a Mold Problem in Your Home July 07 2022 - Did you know that a mould problem in your home can come with a wide variety of symptoms?

Mold Removal in Windsor after a Rainy Spring

Mold Removal in Windsor after a Rainy Spring November 25 2020 - Watching out for mold in your home is something you want to do throughout the year. Whether it’s after a heavy rainfall, after you’ve experienced basement flooding in your home or due to any other moisture source, you want to take whatever steps you can to prevent mold from forming and to remove any that does as soon as possible. With the heavy amount of rain that Windsor and the surrounding areas received this past spring, dealing with excess moisture is even more of a concern than usual. The extra rain that our region has experienced so far in 2019 can lead to more water getting in to homes, more basement flooding and potentially, more mold. If the wet spring has started to lead to mold in your home, talk to Supreme Restoration about getting the problem taken care of before it spreads.  Mold Removal in Windsor and Essex County Having the mold you find removed early is the best way to stop it from becoming a larger problem. If you’re noticing larger patches of mold, or are noticing…

8 Ways To Prevent Mould From Growing In Your Home

8 Ways To Prevent Mould From Growing In Your Home November 25 2020 - Mould. It’s not something you want growing in your house… But Mould can grow anywhere! In the carpet, clothing, food, paper and even places, you can’t see, like inside your walls and above ceiling tile! Mould problems are difficult and costly… Not to mention that they can produce allergens at sometimes (rarely) toxins that may compromise your health. How can you prevent mould from growing in your home? The number one way is simply this… Moisture control. So here are 8 ways to prevent the indoor moisture that causes mould to grow. Identify problems in your home and correct them. Take a walk through your home. Where are the problem areas? Is there frequent condensation on the upstairs window? Does the basement flood? Is there water stains on your ceiling? Address the problem now. It might cost some money upfront, but if mould grows, it’s going to cost a whole lot more. Dry wet areas immediately! Mould cannot grow without moisture. Remove carpet, bedding or furniture that cannot…

What Is Mould?

What Is Mould? November 25 2020 - Mould is the result of a moisture problem that has gone undetected. Eliminating the source of the moisture is the first step in the correction process. Proper removal (remediating), of the mould, is imperative to ensure against cross-contamination and the spread of mould to other parts of your property. Let our expert team help you through this process! Moulds are microscopic fungi, a group of organisms which also includes mushrooms and yeasts. Fungi are highly adapted to grow and reproduce rapidly, producing spores and mycelia in the process. You encounter mould every day. Foods spoil because of mould. Leaves decay and pieces of wood lying on the ground rot due to mould. That fuzzy black growth on wet window sills is mould. Paper or fabrics stored in a damp place get a musty smell that is due to the action of moulds. Mould can be useful to people. The drug penicillin that is obtained from a particular type of mould. Some foods and beverages are made by the actions of moulds. The good…

Mould in Your Home and Allergies

Mould in Your Home and Allergies April 14 2023 - Spring is underway, and with that comes allergy season for many people. With airborne allergens increasing and people spending more time outside as the weather warms up, allergy symptoms become much more common. Factors that can aggravate your allergies aren’t limited to outdoor allergens, though - there are things inside the home that can affect your allergies as well, and mould is a common one. If you have mould in your home that are affecting your allergies, contact Supreme Services today. We offer fast, professional mould removal in Windsor and Essex County. Windsor Mould Removal If you or a member of your family suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, having the mould properly removed for good is important. With our expert Windsor mould removal services, we can remove the mould that’s already present in your home, and deal with the cause of the mould so it doesn’t come back. Mould is caused by excess moisture, and our team is trained to find and eliminate the source. …