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Don’t Move, Renovate! Before you call your Real Estate agent – consider all your options. It’s possible there is a more cost effective way to address the changes you want. 

Ask Yourself:

  • What will you miss about your current home?

  • What are the things you love about your current situation?

  • What do you want changed?

  • Do I need more space?

  • Do I want a new look?

  • What ideas and options could help?

We can help with:

  • Basement Renovations

  • Bathroom and kitchen renewals

  • Home remodels and updates

  • New additions and add ons

  • Complete house ‘flips’ and restorations

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We Create Beautiful Living Spaces. Chances are – many of the things you want changed can be addressed with a good plan and great renovation team on your side. Supreme Renovations & Construction has been serving Windsor and Essex County Customers for years. We would love to meet you to discuss your next project.   

Recent Jobs

Downtown Windsor – Full basement renovation:

This home owner rejuvenated their living space in just 6 weeks!  With a fully water proofed basement, by Supreme Basement Solutions and then a completely renovated basement – adding new life to an old house!


It was time for a new look – rip out the old and freshen the place

New Commercial Space

The landlord was adamant.  I need new office space in six weeks as inexpensively as possible.  On time!  On Budget! Done!

Kitchen Refresh

This job involved removing a wall, old flooring and cabinetry to make new and open space.  All was completed while the family remained in the home.  On time.  On budget.

We love our neighbourhood!  Hate our kitchen!

When raising a family of five children and a big dog, there is little time or resources left for remodeling until they all move out!

Structural repairs to the floor, removal of a wall, carpet and original cabinetry – provided the space for a new kitchen and refreshed rec room.


Client needed newly renovated office space to improve efficiencies and workflow.  On time.  On Budget!

Renovations to make your house the home you've always wanted. Contact the professionals at Supreme Restoration.